I get it, I am not the photographer for everyone! But, if you're down for adventures, you like moodier images that focus on emotional connection, have a rad sense of humor, and hate awkward photo sessions where "say cheese" is the most your photographer says, then I'm your girl. I strive for photos that display movement and emotion. Everything I ask my couples to do, is requiring them to move, feel, and ALWAYS get a little goofy! As you can see, I follow those standards pretty well ;) I am definitely a weirdo as my mom has told me my entire life, but I think that's what makes my clients so comfortable in front of the camera. If I'm embarrassing myself and laughing at it, then whatever they're doing just looks 10 times better! Those moments usually get the best laughing photos too ;)

If I sound like what you're looking for, let's get connected! I am always down for coffee, and if there's a solid amount of distance, then I make it work with a phone call/facetime date! We can totally drink our coffee at home and talk about it over the phone ;)