Rainy Day Maternity Session

This maternity session was GOALS! Tracey was such a trooper shooting in the rain AND the cold! Tracey sent me images that fit into the style that she wanted for the shoot and those images were very much in nature. When I saw it was raining, I was fuh-reaking out because I knew the under a rainy cover would NOT fit into the style she wanted. It was just sprinkling when we got to the park so we did some photos that I felt fit into the style envisioned. But as we were leaving we saw this trail to the this beautiful creek. Tracey, pregnant and all, got her self down this hill so that she could get these creek photos. I was amazed. Her husband was so sweet and the pictures came out so great. It was pouring at this point, but issokay, we DID it! I love when clients are adventurous! I can not wait to shoot her newborn images next month, hopefully with those we won’t be freezing! Please enjoy the images, and if you feel lead, leave a comment! They always make me smile! :)

Makenzie McClung