Micaela & Chad | Asheville, NC | Makenzie Lauren Photography

Forever and ever and ever obsessed with this session! We actually had an original plan of shooting in Max Patch, but Chad insisted that we shoot in a waterfall! After this session, I totally don’t blame him! I had never shot there before so while we were there we had an absolute blast. Jumping over rocks, avoiding selfie taking traveler guys, and of course taking breathtaking images that I hope they cherish forever! We then made our way to Black Balsam Knob. Now, if you’ve seen photos taken there before, you are probably wondering why these look like a different location. That’s because these unfortunately, were not taken on Black Balsam Knob! We went on the WRONG trail, which was a very strenuous hike! Micaela and Chad were so carefree and in the moment, that it didn’t matter. We had so much fun even though we somehow made a wrong turn. Scroll down to see some images of our adventures!

Makenzie McClung