Jenna & Damien "Elopement" | Clark Creek Nature Preserve | Charlotte, NC

When Jenna first emailed me, she said she was inquiring for an engagement session. We set a date for her session, and as I am with all of my photoshoots, I was excited. When I arrived to our shoot, I saw a girl in a wedding dress! Having never seen Jenna before, I did not assume this bride was her! When I got out of the car she greeted me with the warmest smile so I knew this had to be my couple! “Is that a wedding dress??” She responded by telling me that they eloped and got married a few months prior. These images were going to be THE wedding photos! I was over the MOON! I love bridal images so I was beyond excited! She purchased her wedding dress for this shoot, and let me say, she looked AMAZING. Jenna, and her husband Damien were stunning, and so obviously in love. Photographing them together was eeeasy. We shot at the beautiful Clark Creek Nature Preserve in Charlotte, North Carolina. Their elegant style paired with the rural, overgrown park, made such a lovely contrast. I loved how their images came out so scroll down to see some of their pretty pics!

Makenzie McClung