Life Update | July 2018

Hello loves! 

I have been gone for about a month. I have had A LOT go down this past month and I thought I'd give you an update! If that sounds boring, you can just go read 2 other blog posts I made talking about pretty photos, but this is going to be interesting to, so I urge you to stay!

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1. New Job

I got a new Job! What comes with that, is I left my old job of almost 4 years. I have worked with Angela Tucker since I was about 15 years old. We became fast friends, and I am so thankful for all she has taught me! Her third oldest is actually the ring bearer in my wedding! 

This was a very sad goodbye, but it's okay because we still attend church together, so our friendship isn't totally ruined, right Ang? ;)

My NEW job is super cool too. I am working as a Social Media Director for a Design company in Concord! It's really cool! I have a desk, and a window, and a shelf! All of these things are empty because I have yet to get stuff to decorate my little space. But it's been so great! It is an 8-5 every day kind of job, so that's part of the reason I needed a little photography break. I needed a break to adjust and create a new routine! But, I'm super happy and excited about where I'm at.

2. Wedding Planning

We are in the FULL swing of wedding planning! We have the dress, the suit, the venue, the food, the music, the invitations, and some other stuff that I can't think of right now. We have been so blessed through this season of life. All of our vendors, are helping us out one way or another. We are young, so we knew going into it, that it would need to be cheap. But, we have been able to do everything we have ever wanted for the wedding, because of the amazing people surrounding us. When the wedding DOES come around, I will for sure share about our amazing vendors!

Our most recent items checked off were engagement photos & invitations! Because of my education being in graphic design, we were fortunate enough, that I was able to design our invitations! Our engagement photos were planned last minute with Emily J Photography. She reached out wanting to do a shoot with Noah and I, and it was just perfect timing! They came out super pretty and so our style! 

Photos By Emily J Photography

3. New Brand?!

Yes. Yes. YES! Makenzie Lauren Photography was in desperate need of rebranding! New website, new editing, new EVERYTHING, and I love it. I was struggling so much this past month. I was completely lost in editing and looks and styles, and presets, GAH, the presets! I finally created a preset that was exactly what I was trying to achieve. My goals were to make skin tone my first priority, then making sure the colors were clean, and then finally making it moody without making it unflattering for the subject. This took MONTHS of editing, and reediting until finally my preset was made. It is named Thursday @ Midnight, because, it was then, Thursday at midnight, when my preset was born!

But the editing is not the ONLY thing rebranded! We have a new website!! How do you like it?? I love it! It has so much more information for my lovely brides! and we have a BLOG?? Yes! We have a blog! I have been wanting a blog for a LONG time, and we finally have one!

Thank you

If you have read to the end of this, wow. Thanks so much! While writing this, I was thinking "no one is going to want to read this" But, if you are, wow, means a lot! I am very thankful for everyone who has continued to support me in photography and in this business. It is so hard. Thank you for reading this, for liking my posts, and for your constant words of encouragement. Thank you!