Our Wedding | October 5th, 2018

Makenzie Lauren Photography | The Abbey in Salisbury Wedding | Makenzie & Noah090.jpg

It has been one month since I married Mr. Noah Todd. Being our one month anniversary, it felt like the perfect time to share our AMAZING wedding photos! If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I was able to edit my own wedding photos! Two family friends of ours (more family than friends, you can spot their kiddos as my ring bearer and flower girl), Photography by Angela Tucker and Heather Fink Photography , gifted us wedding photos, as well as the right to edit them! Perks of growing up around wedding photographers!! They did turn in their cameras for dancing shoes for the reception, so the reception photos are credited to Ryan Thomas ! All of my vendors were amazing and I want to give credit to alllll of them, so please scroll to the bottom to see all the lovely mentions!!

Noah and I are obviously really young. We are both 19. Early on in our relationship, we knew we wanted to marry each other. The only thing stopping us was finances. After many budgeting conversations with Noah and I, and Noah and my mother (the budgeting queen), we realized, we could make it happen!

This wedding went from a backyard wedding, to a field wedding, to a tent wedding, to a fitness center wedding, to finally a gorgeous wedding at The Abbey in Salisbury. We cut costs in a LOT of areas, but what helped the most, was having family and friends offer their services at discounted prices. We were beyond blessed. When things got stressful or overwhelming, my dad would encourage us and say, “all that matters is that you’re getting married!” And we did it!!

We were VERY untraditional! It was not the initial intention, but it just sort of happened that way! Something that really made our wedding different was our bridal party. Growing up in my family, there were two boys, and two girls! My mom always told us “You boys will be each other’s best man , and you girls will be each other’s maid of honor! No exceptions!” My brother Ezekiel passed away 4 years ago, which affected how we always viewed our own wedding parties. I knew I needed to include my brother, Cooper, into my own bridal party, because he would not get to experience being Ezekiel’s best man. Cooper became my Man of Honor, and Sydnie my Maid of Honor. Noah had his brother, Josh as his best man, and that was our entire bridal party! It was uneven, and different, but perfect for us. I was also able to have my two bestest friends in the whole world as my honorary bridesmaids.

Not being able to have my brother Ezekiel attend my wedding, made nearly everything difficult when planning this day. There were many nights where my mom and I would cry, and cry, and cry some more. I wanted him to be included into this wedding as much as possible. That’s why we have signs in our family pictures and on the ceremony stage, and why we had his pictures placed within the event space, and finally, why I had my necklace with his thumbprint as the pendant, on my bouquet. It helped.

My first look with Cooper was the most difficult part of the whole day. As I walked to tap him on his shoulder, all I could think about, was how much I wanted to have this moment with my brother Ezekiel as well. Thankfully, Cooper’s contagiously happy personality, made me feel better almost instantly.

Noah and I were so happy. We were finally getting married. We had talked about this day for so long. We were happy. So, very happy. I think that’s why these photos are so perfect. They capture our happiness with each other so beautifully. Noah is so cool, and I am so blessed to now call him my husband.

Our details are some of my favorites! Being a wedding photographer, I was very much obsessed with the details! *cue heart eye emoji*My headband was made in France, and my jacket was handpainted! I spoiled myself JUST a little. I’m definitely like my dad in that way! You can see him wearing a bright, red velvet jacket throughout the wedding as well. He actually bought that ON THE WAY to the wedding! Yep. That’s my family. Another detail I’m obsessed with, is our candle sticks at the reception! Those were ALL purchased at Goodwill and Salvation Army through out the course of our engagement by my mother, myself, my aunt, and my grandmother! We thought that would be an affordable way to add some unique decor!

My flowers were another part that I’m absolutely obsessed with. Kirsten Darnell designed our florals and absolutely killed it. She understood and shared my love for moody colors and moody design! I went into planning, knowing full well, flowers were my favorite part of weddings, as well as knowing they are one of the most expensive parts too! I met Kirsten on Instagram, and I am SO glad I did. She did so much for us and we can not thank her enough.

Seriously, all our vendors were incredible. We had the most perfect day and we wouldn’t change a thing! A HUGE thank you to my parents who put in so much money and effort into this wedding. We are beyond thankful for the perfect wedding you gave us. Thanks Mom & Dad.

Also, a big thanks to Noah’s parents as well for also helping put this perfect day together! We love you guys!

Please enjoy our photos!! Encourage our amazing vendors, if you feel lead!


Venue- The Abbey in Salisbury

Photographers- Photography by Angela Tucker & Heather Fink Photography

Reception Photographer- Ryan Thomas

Videographer- Wise Works Entertainment

DJ: Tim Helms

Florist- Cut At An Angle

Dress- BHLDN

Shoes- Camille

Head Piece- Mignonne

Leather Jacket- Ellan Walker Design

Makeup Artist- The Posh Palette

Hair Stylist- Amy Carter

Caterer- Rock Store BBQ

Cake & Cupcakes- The Sweet Life

Makenzie McClung